Black Army Models is esentially not a profit-oriented organization. Our companionship has been focusing on the production and painting of model figures since the mid-90s. This activity is first of all our hobby and forms an integral part of our lives. However, we did undertake lease-works since the beginning of the 2000s. We modelled figures for other companies that became serial products. Realizing other people’s ideas and requests is not so much a creative job, that is why we decided to create our own brand, that has become BAM.
Our range id quite miscellaneous, still we try to remain self consistent. Presently our main features are the standard 1:35 modern, 54 mm fantasy/ historical/ sci-fi figures and busts. Also, the diorama accessories branch started in 2014 is planned to be a main feature. Besides this, we do many other things of which you can be informed on our Blog.

We wish you a pleasant browsing and modelling!