Terms and conditions

We kindly ask you to carefully read the general conditions of sale and delivery (henceforth GCSD) if you wish to use our webshop as a customer (henceforth: Customer). After filling in the order-form, Customer acknowledges that present General Conditions as well as the Privacy policy are acknowledged, accepted and considered obligatory for Customer. We only register the fact of acknowledgement in our system. Our company (henceforth: Supplier) informs Customer about changes in GCSD via the email given during registration (that can be changed anytime through “Change settings” option).

Please find information about the webshop on our webpage or write us email.

1. General provisions

1.1. Present GCSD contains the general conditions of the contractual relationship to be established between Customer and Supplier. In questions not regulated by present delivery conditions, operative Hungarian and European Union laws are normative.

• General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679
• CVIII Act of 2001 on electronic commercial services and services related to information society;
• Act CXII of 2011 on informational autonomy and freedom of information
• Polgári Törvénykönyvről szóló 2013. évi V. törvény;V Act of 2013 on Civil Code
Mandatory provisions of applicable laws are operative for the parties without additional clause.

1.2. Present GCSD are valid from the date of appearance on the webpage.

1.3. Contents of the materials displayed on the webapge are copyrighted. Copying, storage, disclosure on other webpages and using them in any form is only possible with Supplier’s prior written permission.
2. Aim of GCSD
The aim of GCSD determined by Supplier, according to legal regulations of Hungary and European Union is to regulate in detail the conditions related to the use of the webshop and the contractual rights and obligations of Supplier- Customer.

3. Language of GCSD
Language of contract: English

4. Scope of GCSD
– GCSD ranges: to all such „electronic commercial service” that Supplier gives through webshop for Customers, to the rights and obligations of Supplier and Customer and for the operation of the whole webshop.
– According to present GCSD, Supplier provides his webshop’s services without restrictions, due to the characteristics of internet.
– GCSD and all of its changes by Supplier are valid from the publications on the webshop’s homepage until its withdrawal by Supplier, i.e. until the date of the next modification of GCSD. GCSD are valid for the duration of the Webshop service.

5. Acceptance of GCSD on the part of Customer
Acceptance of GCSD by Customer is the precondition of resorting to the services. If Customer resorts to the services, i.e. registrates on the webshop’s homepage and declares about the acknowledgement and acceptance of GCSD by checking the proper rubric , is considered as the acceptance of the conditions. Supplier informs Customer about the latest modifications of GCSD each time Supplier logs into the webshop. Customer must accept GCSD in each case of ordering.

6. Contractor Parties
The GCSD is made between the following parties for an indefinite period of time:

6.1. The Supplier
Company name/ Name: Schuller Balázs private enterpriser
Adress: 9400 Sopron, Deák tér 66-68.
Phone: +36/20/250-1421
E-mail: [email protected]
Webpage: www.blackarmymodells.com
Shop’s name: BlackarmyModellsWebshop
VAT: 60107543-1-28
Registration number: 18262203
Licence number: 7885
Registration date: 18. 09. 2015
Registry clerk: Dr. Sárvári Szabolcs
Data Protection Registry Number: NAIH-89149/2015
Account number: 11600006-00000000-80536202
Contact’s name: Schuller Balázs e.v.
Contact’s phone: +36/20/250-1421
Contact’s e-mail: [email protected]
Webhosting service provider: http://godaddy.com/
henceforth as Supplier

6.2. Customer:
A natural or legal person who registrates on the webpage in order to buy goods provided by the webshop. Henceforth as Customer

6.3. Deliverer:
Magyar Állami Posta Zrt. (detailed information: www.posta.hu)
Deliverer transports our goods according to its own GCSD, at the price written in the confirmation email and at the 3. paragraph of „Purchase” option.

6.4. Complaint Forums
Consumer Protection Agency:
Nemzeti Fogyasztóvédelmi Hatóság Nyugat-dunántúli Regionális Felügyelősége
Address: Győr, Árpád út 32.
Postal address: 9002 Győr, Pf. 311.
E-mail: [email protected]

6.5. Trade authority:
Sopron Megyei Jogú Város Polgármesteri Hivatalának Jegyzője
Address: 9400 Fő tér 5.
Phone: +3699515171

7. Use of the webshop
Supplier provides services for Customer according to following conditions.

7.1. Territorial scope of webshop’s services
According to present GCSD, Supplier taking into account the characteristics of internet, provides its services without territorial limitations. Supplier accepts orders only through the web page.

7.2. Required data for registration

7.3.Placing an order in the webshop is only possible electronically. Directly on www.blackarmymodells.com webapge and via e-mail. Order placed via e-mail are processed by Supplier on behalf of Customer and manages as online order.

7.4. The price shown next to the products is gross purchase price that contains packaging price. It does not contain however the price of delivery. (If Supplier promotes discount price for some products, gives preferment above a certain quota or remits the shipping charges, Customer will be informed about it and its duration on the webshop’s homepage or via e-mail). The following chart contains the delivery prices.

Only in Hungary!
Posting in 2 days

Total weight Cost of shipping
0.1 kg – 0.25 kg 6,50 USD
0.25 kg – 0.5 kg 6,50 USD
0.5 kg – 0.75 kg 6,50 USD
0.75 kg – 2 kg 6,50 USD

To European countries
Start shipping in 2 workdays, delivery to your home in 5-7 workdays.
Only European countries (Russia also)

Total weight Cost of shipping
0.25 kg – 0.5 kg 11,50 USD
0.5 kg – 1 kg 27,50 USD
1 kg – 1.5 kg 27,50 USD
1.5 kg – 2 kg 27,50 USD
2 kg – 3 kg 40.50 USD
3 kg – 5 kg 46 USD

To non-European countries
We start shipping in 2 workdays. Delivery to your home in 7-14 workdays.
Non-European countries (Asia, America, etc…). If you can not find your country, please send us a direct mail and we inform you about possibilities.

Total weight Cost of shipping
0.25 kg – 0.5 kg 12,80 USD
0.5 kg – 1 kg 33,30 USD
1 kg – 1.5 kg 33,30 USD
1.5 kg – 2 kg 33,30 USD

Over 2 kg please write us a direct mail with your order!

Total weight: product’s weight + packaging (200 gr)

7.5. Photos next to products are of the given product, assembled and painted by a known painter, the products are packed without being assembled and painted. Any variance is shown at the given product.

7.6. Product descriptions and drawings support the work for those products whose assemblly is not obvious. Supplier is not liable for their possible inaccuracy. Supplier does not take responsibility for the product’s applicability of the Customer’s own purposes. Customer’s duty is to check whether the product is applicable for Customer’s own use.

7.7. Supplier reserves the right to partially or fully refuse the already confirmed orders.

8. The contract

8.1 General features
Contract is made by registration on the webshop’s homepage. Registration is precondition of purchase. Order is made if Customer confirms its finalized order by sending it to Supplier and Supplier confirms it with a letter sent to the e-mail address given during registration or the latest changes of data. Supplier reserves the right during receiving orders to cancel, or consider the order invalid if Supplier finds shortcomings when checking the registration datas. Supplier does not register the contract.

8.2 Registration
After registration Customer may check the given datas in the confirmation email. Registration is activated by clicking on the given link. Following this, Customer is eligible to place an order. If necessary, Customer can change datas given during registration at „Change datas” option. User name can not be changed.

8.3. Process of registration
After logging in, Customer can browse the whole range of products and place them in the shopping cart. Logging in is possible with username and password given during registration or the latest change of datas. Products are sorted according to options of the webshop’s header. After activating any of the options, products belonging to given category appear in the middle field. Products appear in the middle field in limited number with basic datas. Further products are available with the turning button at the bottom of the page. Logged in Customer can see the basic data, possible discount and individual prices of the products. By clicking the pictures, further data become available about the product. Putting the product into the basket is possible at both locations by activating the „Put into shopping cart” button. Default number of products in the shopping cart is one, but Customer can freely change this before activating the button. The ordered product appears immediately in the shopping cart.

The all-time content of shopping cart is available through the activation of “Shopping cart” button. Changing the number of pieces as well as cancelling the order is also possible in the shopping cart. Since all of our products are accurately weighed, the total weight of the ordered package can be estimated well which is one of the factors of shipping cost (the other one is the shipping country). Order happens by activating one of the buttons designed for this on the webpage (Order, PayPal). Notes can be attached to the order and updated GCSD and Privacy Policy must be accepted each time, whose dates of last modification is also visible. Order is complete if Customer receives an email of confirmation from Supplier about the acceptance of order.

Customer acknowledges that the order is also a contract with payment obligation. The webshop’s confirmation system is automatized, the e-mail is sent immediately. Supplier acknowledges that Customer’s obligations of tender cease and Customer may desist from contractual obligation if Customer does not receive confirmation e-mail in 48 hours. This is also valid if the confirmation e-mail is delayed or is not received because of ISP’s fault. Supplier commits itself to continuously maintain the changes of e-mail address and to assure smooth reception of incoming confirmation e-mail (prevention of hosting shortage or treating as SPAM). In case of incorrect e-mail address and the lack of confirmation of aforementioned problems, Supplier is not liable.

8.4. Modifying, cancelling order
Supplier grants the opportunity for Customer to modify the order until the beginning of the order’s completion, if Customer notices in the confirmation e-mail that a product was ordered by mistake or ordered something else than the desired one. In this case Customer must immediately inform Supplier about the mistake.
Supplier grants the opportunity for Customer to cancel order until Supplier pass over Customer’s package for Magyar Posta postoffice for delivery.

8.5. Processing and completion of orders
Orders are processed after the confirmation within 2 days at latest. Normally, Supplier does not undertake partial delivery, so every item of order is delivered for Customer in gross. An exceptional case is when the ordered quantity of a product is higher than the quantity being currently on stock. In this case Supplier informs Customer about the immediate available quantity and about the time required to produce the remaining quantity. If this period of time is longer than ten days or is not possible at all, Customer is eligible to withdraw from the whole order or from the part not being on stock. In case of withdrawal Supplier is bound to reimburse the amount paid by Customer immediately but at latest in thirty days. Fulfilling this obligation does not exempt Supplier from other possible consequences of the violation of contract. Customer may choose whether to wait for the whole quantity or to receive the available quantity and wait for the rest t be produced. In latter case, Supplier taks over the charges of the second shipment.

8.6. Payment conditions
Customer transfers the value of the purchased goods at the time of placing the order immediately (PayPal – read more about the payment process on the webpage www.paypal.com).
9. Customer’s rights and obligations

9.1. Right of withdrawal
According to the 45/2014 (II. 26.) government decree regulating the rules of contracts between the customer and the enterprise, Customer can withdraw from contract and send back the product within 14 days. In case of written withdrawal, sending the certificate of withdrawl within 14 days is sufficient.
In case of withdrawal Customer must send back the product in an undamaged state- free of traces of external damages and wear- to Customer’s own expenses, with Customer’s name stated on it for Supplier’s address. Supplier reimburses the amount paid by Customer within 30 days.
In case of withdrawal, Customer is charged with the prices of returning the product. Cash on delivery receipt of returned packages is not possible. Supplier claims the reimburse of damages of improper use.
Supplier reimburses the whole price only for the return of the intact product with complete packaging. in its full quality and value without any loss.
The 14 days open for withdrawal starts when Customer receives the package.
Customer is not eligible for withdrawal in case of a product, which is bound to Customer’s person or it is made by Customer’s instructions or for Customer’s specific request.

9.2. Possible loss of Supplier
If returned product proves to be damaged and the damage is the consequence of improper use, Supplier can demand from Customer the reimburse of product’s value loss, according to 45/2014. (II26.) government regulation.

9.3. Warranty
According to the rules 6:159. § of new Civil Code , Supplier grants warranty. In case of defective performance, Customer informs Supplier in writing about the objection as soon as possible. In case of defective performance, in the warranty sequence determined by new Civil Code 6:159. §, Supplier:- primarily replaces – if replacement is not possible, then according to Customer’s decision, gives discount or Customer withdraws from contract, who can demand reimburse for the ordered product.
Supplier does not reimburse delivery charge. Withdrawal Is not possible if fault is insignificant.
In case of defective performance, Supplier is charged with the costs of enforcing the warrantyrights.

9.4. Complaint handling
Supplier receives possible complaints in any forms listed in 6.1 paragraph of GCSD. In case of written complaint, please give our seat as address. We try to handle incoming complaints, depending on their nature, as soon as possible, or to answer them for further consultation.

10. Data protection, data safety

10.1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) information
The purpose of data processing: Invoicing and providing delivery
The types of personal data: Contact details of customers
The categories of data subjects concerned: Customers
The categories of recipients: Tax authorities
The storage periods: The end of the client / contractaual relationship
The technical and organisational security measures to protect the personal data: IT system solutions regulary updated
Wheter personal data is transferred to recipients outside the EU: No, we do not do this.

10.2. Privacy policy:
Supplier treats the private data provided by Customer confidentally and does not forward them for third party, except when it is necessary for delivery (Magyar Posta)

When browsing the webshop, technical informations can be logged for statistical purposes (IP-address, length of visit, etc.). Supplier forwards these data for authorities only in a legally justified and credibly confirmed case. Cookies have to be allowed to use the webshop. If you do not want to allow the use of cookies, you can disable them in the settings of your browser. When cookies are disabled, certain elements of the service operates partially or do not operate at all. Cookie is a file sent by server to user’s browser and is stored by users computer. Personal data is not stored in cookies.
Supplier uses the data given during registration only for fulfilling orders. Supplier keeps confidential the data given during subscribing for the newsletter when Customer registrates on webshop. Unsubscribing is possible at the bottom of the sent newsletter, in the webshop’s “change data” option, and Customer can ask for it through the given contacts. You can change or delete data in webshop’s “change data” option, or you can ask for it in written form at [email protected] e-mail address. In questions not regulated by present general contractual conditions, Civil Code, 17/1999 (II.5.) governmental decree on distance contracts and Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce activities and information society services are normative. Accordingly, private data given during registration is used by the voluntary, explicit permission based on Customer’s preliminary information.

Customer acknowledges that supplying of data is voluntary, permission was given voluntarily and for an indefinite period and it can be revoked anytime.
Supplier strives to take the reasonable greatest care to protect data sent to the server from unauthorized persons. However, Supplier can not guarantee this, because most of the internet data traffic is unencrypted. by clicking the Registration button, Customer unconditionally and irrevocably declares that GCSD and the included Privacy Policy was read, acknowledged and accepted as binding.

11. Modifying GCSD
Supplier reserves the right to change GCSD any time, partly or totally.

12. Termination of the contract
Customer can ask anytime for the termination of the contract that- after proving Customer’s identity- Supplier acknowledges and terminates Customer’s access to Webshop. Supplier reserves the right to unilaterally abrogate the contract if Customer does not observe the provision of GCSD.

13. Miscellaneous provisions
Supplier is not liable for any damages for connecting to the Webshop. Customer is bound to protect Customer’s computer and the data stored on it.
In questions not regulated by present general contractual conditions, Civil Code, 17/1999 (II.5.) governmental decree on distance contracts and Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce activities and information society services and
Act CXII of 2011 on information self-determination and freedom of information are normative.
Contracting Parties do their best to settle any possible disputed issues by negotiations. If settlement of dispute is not possible through negotiations within 30 days, Contracting Parties subject themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court whose scope of authority falls within Supplier’s current location.