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A stranger – SBS

Dear Friends,

Our next release will be a Ronin like figure in Scale 54 mm. By painting and base building it was time to test a leaf puncher, a really smart tool to create more realistic trees. I chose a sycamore tree in its autumn form with yellowish leaves. I built the wood from wire and milliput, but the hardest point was how to make realistic twigs? First I used dried grass, later stronger wadding. The grass wasn’t so good idea. Next time I will look a thin dried plant with many branches and will add wadding at the end. For leaves the best material is the paper because it cans the glue drink in.

After the building process the painting was very easy. Airbrushed main colours and brush painted details, all with acrylics.

I hope you like it! ūüėČ

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Medieval street corner with steps – Scale 54-75mm

A future release: Medieval street corner with steps
The scale can be 54mm and 75mm too, fit to both sized figures

It will be a 3 parts resin kit. Easy to assemble and fun to paint.

Built by Péter Gráczol
Painted by Bal√°zs Schuller

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Medieval Italian stairs ‚Äď in progress

I have begun the painting process of our next release Medieval Italian stairs (from the 10-15th Century) in Scale 54-75mm. In the first steps I assembled the 3 resin parts and sprayed with black. After masking I worked with airbrush. I painted only the base colour and some shades. In the next steps I will work only by brushes.

Master was built by Péter Gráczol
Painted by me (Bal√°zs Schuller)
Release date will be in September

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Umbrella girls – in progress – 54mm

For a while I am working on this two girl figures in Scale 1:32. Because thin parts are very brokenly first I made a female frame and some character heads, after moulding and casting I continued the work with resin casts. I use now mainly Milliput, but also Beesputty has place on the table. I work now very slow, but I hope I can finished them in this month.

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The Slave

I sculpted this figure two years ago and was on our range as 54-09¬†as a slave of this orc. Not my best work ever, but I like it. I always wanted to paint it, but never had time or anithing… No I finished and can put it to a vignette, what I paint later.
Scale 54mm. The heraldic is mixed from real coat of arms and colors.