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Polish Uhlan WWI

Hello All,


After a long process we can release this unique bust, an uhlan from the 1st Uhlan Regiment of Polish Legions in the Austro-Hungarian Army 1914-18. About historical background we recommend two lexicon links:

In spite of we can find several pictures about the first brigade, did not remain enough original uniform items to know the exact colours. In Vienna (HGM ‚Äď Austrian Military Museum) we can find an original Chapka (the headgear) and next to this we can find a totally different uniform of the 2nd brigade. So, only the Czapka helps by the colours. We know many colorized photos, but these are not originals.

By the greys I used a mix of Luwtwaffe uniform, Russian Tank crew (from Panzer Aces), some blue, white and black. By reds I used Carmine and Rosa, all from Vallejo. I will share more info’s about details here on the block soon.

If you have question, you can write me PM on Facebook.

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A stranger – SBS

Dear Friends,

Our next release will be a Ronin like figure in Scale 54 mm. By painting and base building it was time to test a leaf puncher, a really smart tool to create more realistic trees. I chose a sycamore tree in its autumn form with yellowish leaves. I built the wood from wire and milliput, but the hardest point was how to make realistic twigs? First I used dried grass, later stronger wadding. The grass wasn’t so good idea. Next time I will look a thin dried plant with many branches and will add wadding at the end. For leaves the best material is the paper because it cans the glue drink in.

After the building process the painting was very easy. Airbrushed main colours and brush painted details, all with acrylics.

I hope you like it! ūüėČ