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German panzer crew in 1/72 WIP pictures

Hello All,

I got some message where people ask me about how to paint our German Afv crew set (72-12). Ok, I finished the painting process and here are some pictures about smaller parts. Please note these are small scale, so the lines are not so sharp.
You can order the figures up today.

Thanks for the interest! New sets are comming soon! (realy!)


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German Medics in 1/72

Dear Readers,

In the last month happened many things by us. We moved to a new flat, a new family member has born and improving of the firm was a little bit slower. But now we are standing on new legs 🙂 and “are walking in the old path again”.
Our new release is a WWII scene wounded German soldiers with medics. We follow the braille scale line, because we and customers also like it.

Have a nice summer!

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German casualties from 1944/45

April release is not a happy subject but part of the “story”. Soldiers fought and dead in the second world war (as in all wars in the history). An accessory set in scale 1/72 to diorama and vignette builder. The sculptor and painter was Gábor Szabó, who already finished the next release German medics and wounded infa

ntrymen – coming in May.

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Central European street in 1/72

Our first diorama accessories in Scale 1/72. Two houses from our city Sopron were built in the 19th Century. Ideal for dioramas at the second world war and later.

The sets are available for 16 EUR / house and for 30 EUR for both. If you want one, please e-mail us!

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Airport ‘1930s 1/72

I finished these figures in March for Gábor Kovács, who built a diorama about a sport airfield from the 1930s years in Scale 1/72. The figures will be released from resin in the near future. The diorama won gold medal and a master degree on the 20th Mosonshow on the last weekend.