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Medieval street corner with steps – Scale 54-75mm

A future release: Medieval street corner with steps
The scale can be 54mm and 75mm too, fit to both sized figures

It will be a 3 parts resin kit. Easy to assemble and fun to paint.

Built by Péter Gráczol
Painted by Balázs Schuller

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Central European street in 1/72

Our first diorama accessories in Scale 1/72. Two houses from our city Sopron were built in the 19th Century. Ideal for dioramas at the second world war and later.

The sets are available for 16 EUR / house and for 30 EUR for both. If you want one, please e-mail us!

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The Slave

I sculpted this figure two years ago and was on our range as 54-09 as a slave of this orc. Not my best work ever, but I like it. I always wanted to paint it, but never had time or anithing… No I finished and can put it to a vignette, what I paint later.
Scale 54mm. The heraldic is mixed from real coat of arms and colors.

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Diorama Accessories (1:35 and 54 mm) – coming soon

Church corner with figure (1:35)

We are working on some accessories for diorama and vignette buiders.

35-28 The church corner is a typical example of the romanesque architecture from Europe. Look it in the wikipedia:

You can use it by scenes up the medieval time to tomorrow. The scale is 1:35-1:32 (both is working).

35-29 and 30 are a modular system. With using a combination of this kits you can build a park part, or a garden, a street, etc.

Következő megjelenésink között dioráma kiegészítők is lesznek. A román kori templomrészlet felhasználható (a 11-12. századtól számítva) bármely korban. Ez utóbbi és a variálható kerítés részlet is felhasználható 1:35, avagy 1:32-es méretarányú munkákhoz.