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An average day in New York – 1:35

2 month ago a friend who returning to the hobby visited me and I show him some sculpting tricks, how he could update a commercial figure in Scale 1/35. He like the postapocalyptic subjects, so we built a “zombie killer” from the remainders box (BAM 35-20 Graffiti painter, 35-15 Modern driver and a head from the 35-21 Modern Asian conflicts head set). And we also built a base from Styrofoam and the new resin base of BAM. Ok, it sounds to a promotion, but in a workshop where you produce figures this is the cheapest way to build something.

blogra 1
Later I was thinking on the instalment of this scene with more figures. First I built up a running man, but the “killer” was too static for him. So I got another idea and start a new subject: an average day in New York. The policeman closed the crime scene but the press workers want to correspond…

The afro newswoman is full scratch, by the policeman I used a head of a Hungarian soldier’s (BAM 35-22).

Figures aren’t totally finished, some works on the surface are needed. I’m not so satisfied with the composition, but it is not a big problem. A collector bought the figures and he will build a biger base with other idea. For me it was a good practice.


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Monte San Savino Show 2015

We are just back from this great Italian event wich was in the beautiful Tuscany, in an old historical town. We have taken more then 1000 pictures, visited Florence and Siena too. So it also was a modeler and art adventure.
In short: this is a clear event “only” for figure painters and sculptors, so this is unique. Fill an exhibition and a medieval building with figures is a hard job – this guys made it in 10th time. We congratulation to the organizators, well done! We loved the place and will go back!

Some pictures:
blogra 10
Monte San Savino in the morning from our Apartman

blogra 12
blogra 9
In this tower was the exhibition 🙂

blogra 6

blogra 8

blogra 7
We liked many works, my best were these tale caracters and Fabrizio Rusto’s display

blogra 4
Also in the tower we found this Austro-Hungarian Hussar uniform

blogra 3
Of course there was some short courses too. Here Roman Lappat was painting a big bust and show how we can paint “a light of a fire where many goblins are burning” 🙂

blogra 5
This scene won the BOS from Antonio Zapatero and Gustavo Gil. Better pictures here

blogra 2
Gábor Szabó won two bronze medals (in Master Histrorical Painting and Master Historical Sculpting) 🙂 🙂 He is the second guy from the rigth

And for the end. Did you know that Italy has Scorpions? This guy lived in our apartman:
blogra 11

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Experimental bases for free

We made some experiment with rare woods and would like to give them to our customers. If you order a resin product on this weekend in e-mail, you get one of these bases for free. Just write to the [email protected] and after the resin products name add the code of the base.
About sizes watch the pictures they are standing on a cm mesh.

Base – A

Base - A (1) Base - A (2)

Base – B

Base - B (1) Base - B (2)


Base – C

Base - C (1) Base - C (2) Base - C (3) Base - C (4)

Base – D

Base - D (1) Base - D (2) Base D - (3) Base - D (4)

Base – E

Base - E (1) Base - E (2)

Base – F

Base - F (1) Base - F (2)

Base – G

Base - G (1) Base - G (2)

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Fat company


in the last weeks I worked on this couple, the Fat company. The Scale is 54 mm and will be released in a limited edition because this is not a mainstream subject. That was more a work for fun than a business idea.

First here is the partner, a wolf. Also a little bit fat.

farkas (1)

farkas (2)

farkas (3)

farkas (4)

And here, they are together. The Landskencht with an early Arquebus (firearm).

fat company (4)

fat company (3)

fat company (2)


fat company (5)

fat company (6)


You can order it directly right now for 16 EUR. From the wolf we also made more cast, so if you need only him, you can get a copy for 6 EUR.


Balázs Schuller

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Back from SMC 2015

We are just back from Eindhoven. Unfortunately about the competition we haven’t pictures (you can find more by other participants on Facebook). By the way the show was excellent and we have the best weather for small trips to Rotterdam and on the home journey to Nürnberg. From some good reference pictures we will post later.

Here are some links where you can watch pictures about the contest (now, or later):

Shame, but we haven’t picture about our special prize winner – Lost Russia 1944 by Juan Miguel Fernández. This is from MaGie Miniature. Thanks for it! And again congratulations for Juan!

Díjazottunk Díjazottunk2


Thanks for the weekend for the Scale Model Factory team!20151010_180722

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The New site is here

Dear Friends and Followers,

We are pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation. By the way we have many works yet of course in the near future, but we started the site today and it will be always under construction. We are preparing to the Scale Model Challenge, so the web shop doesn’t work on this week.
Thanks for visiting! Keep us contact!

Balázs Schuller

production manager